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Présentations et webinaires

  • Avakumovic-Pointon, I. (2023). “‘Unfit for the Army… Unfit for Life’: Militarism, Masculinity, and Disability in Serbia, 1878-1912.” Conference Presentation. Towards a history of disability in Eastern Europe, Berlin, June 30-July 2. Forthcoming.
  • Whiteley, A. and C. Atkins (2022).  Technological exclusion: How research tools exclude disability perspectives in disability and employment research.  [Poster presentation].  The Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity, The Center on Disability Studies, College of Education, University of Hawai’i at Manoa.  February 28 – March 1, 2022.  
  • Aarthi, A., K. Bramesfeld and A. Whiteley.  (2022).  EDI in Assignment and Course Design – Part 2:  Design to hear students’ voices.  [Webinar presentation].  Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Toronto, Scarborough.  March 4, 2022.   
  • “The ‘secret sauce’ to improving employment outcomes for persons with disabilities.” DWC2021- Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy, 2 Dec 2021.
  • “What Works: What Disability Inclusion Brings to the Workplace.” Webinar sponsored by Easter Seals of Canada, Red Shirt Day National Accessibility Week, 2 June 2021.

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